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Afternoon strolls don't get much better than inside this hub of life, boasting tropical plants, birdlife and exotic fish. Especially if it rains You know that Soho House membership you forked out on for a year only to go for drinks about once a month?

What a tragic waste. Not monthly, not yearly, but for good. Coffees are always a solid choice for a casual first date. So where better than inside this mightily cultural hub?

Top 50 London date ideas

No-one can resist getting animated over some foosball. Trappist monks have been brewing beers across Belgium for close to years now. And if your date isn't impressed by cute farm animals they probably aren't worth your time anyway. Have you ever actually done this? Make it a first for both of you. Nothing breaks the ice like clattering balls. Whole pig spit roasts, homemade chutneys and jams, fresh bread and enough vintage bric-a-brac to fill your boots, an afternoon spent around Broadway Market is not wasted.

Bang in the middle of Hoxton Square, this place has been around since Hoxton has been Hoxton. And should you wish for a dirty stop out, Meat Mission is just around the corner. Providing the weather is good, this Hampstead Heath spot will give you clear views of the city while being surrounded by green. Then break the decency laws when the lights go down. And see if the sparks fly. And share blowtorched sushi while trapeze artists swing above you.

Do NOT play Monopoly if you want there to be a second date.

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Then talk about the signs, doors, and chairs as if they were exhibits. Get starters, mains and dessert at different ones. Then sneak behind the bookcase to find their basement speakeasy. And watch award-winning cabaret as you dine.

London Date Ideas | Date Night Just Went Up A Level

They have fried haggis, duck eggs and whisky. Then go for cocktails on this fairylit barge. Then drink your homework. And moon over each other. These guys totally managed it.

Then try to find each other. S ee how long you can speak only in French for.


Titus Andronicus is a cheery, romantic one. Solve clues, outwit the hunters, and feel smug about what a good team you make. Then go for a French meal after. Then buy each other a bottle. And finish up with dinner in a Coppa Club igloo.

Secret date spots in London

While buying each other gifts, of course. Then i nvent victory dances. Then sample the prodigious whisky collection. Then head upstairs and play video games for shots. Best do it at 4am. Then take them home for a nightcap.

We recommend including the Monument itself, the view is amazing. If you book a table in the right room this one. And maybe wrestle a little later yourselves. Eat a different course of your picnic in each one. Maybe try all of them, just to be sure. Dates are better with more than one person.