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From there you can build. Communication does not discriminate! Communication is critical. It is how you will find a compromise and discuss similarities and differences. Use direct questions, make eye contact, and respect your differences as you respect similarities. Ask questions even if you think they are silly. Let your partner know how much you want to understand about them.

Talk to them as you want them to talk and treat you.

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It is okay to share different perspectives. Identify what their priorities are and areas of importance in their family traditions. Try different things out. Understand that adjustment and integration are liquid as relationships and life grow and develop. Be flexible! My husband and my perspectives shifted values as we had kids. So we shifted together.

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Our views as momma and papa bear of the world cultivated and broadened as we became protective of our cubs. Areas of importance have become clearer. Our one rule is: no matter our differences, we speak to the kids from a united front. But we have to tell them together when we disagree. At the end of the day, it is about the bond and connection you and your partner develop that creates the perspective of the world of how you both receive the world.

When you are both aligned, you are a stronger force. If you see prejudice, you will receive prejudice. If you see similarities, you will receive acceptance. That is how to make an interracial relationship work! Erlanger Turner. Historically in the U. Below are a few suggestions for navigating the issues faced during interracial relationships, both interracial dating and interracial marriage challenges :. However, it is important to determine what works best for your relationships while integrating your cultural values.

For example, if one partner is responsible for child-rearing or managing finances, you should decide as a couple if those expectations are agreed upon. Individuals may not always adhere to their cultural values in a rigid way so you should not assume that your partner values certain things. Unless you have an open dialogue. That helps with displaying compromises.

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When kids are involved, this can be more tricky. Couples may have to decide to allow the child to determine what religion they want to practice as they become older to prevent difficulties among parents. Celeste Viciere. Relationships can be challenging with two different people coming together from different backgrounds and circumstances.


Some people in interracial relationships will find themselves struggling with some of the traditions or cultural aspects of their partner as they delve deeper into relationships. If you are struggling with having these conversations with your partner, you may want to ask yourself about how comfortable you are in the relationship in general. The first step is to seek to understand and be open to learning about their culture and traditions. When we come from a place of curiosity, we learn and will make our companion feel that we care.

The second step is to participate in their traditions and attend their place of worship if they so desire. The family will appreciate this effort. The problem is not everyone can seamless feel comfortable with a culture very diverse from one another. And you may stand out as being different. They may not be as open minded and accepting. In one sense, opposites attract. However, if too much change happens too quickly, it can break apart two people that would have otherwise been a perfect match. Take bits and pieces slowly. Be gentle with yourself and with your soulmate. As you introduce your companion to your culture, know that it takes children 15 times to try new food to even think about liking it.

In time, they may grow to enjoy it just like you do. Your new partner may need extra support meeting relatives of a different culture. Discuss topics ahead of time and be open about conversations. Different cultures have different normals around gender, sex, marriage, children, finances, working, and rules and expectations.

The Realities Of Interracial Dating We Need To Start Talking About

Know that what is normal for you may not be normal for your companion, so there will be an adjustment phase. Victoria Elf Raymond. I think the most important thing to remember when dating someone of a different race or culture is to approach differences with curiosity instead of judgment. It is so important for couples to ask each other questions instead of making assumptions based off of cultural or religious stereotypes.

It can be difficult to understand a culture or religion that seems foreign to you. I recommend that couples have an honest conversation about what their cultural or religious identity means to them as individuals.

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Although our cultures and upbringing have no doubt impacted on us tremendously, we are all individuals with our own tastes, beliefs, and preferences. The most important ingredient, skill, and resource for all couples is communication. This creates a sense of mutual denial where the assumption of similarity can later prove to be a roadblock to genuine communication, development of empathy, and willingness to be truly intimate. It can ironically get in the way of learning to accept who our companion really is.

Cultural assumptions of similarity allow couples to avoid these essential elements of communication in ways that being in interracial relationships—and this couples psychologist is also in an interracial marriage—make much more difficult to sustain.

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Roland Hinds. Race is not often the major challenge for people who are unequally yoke based on culture, faith or tradition. In most relationships communication, being committed and willingness to compromise is vital. As a believer, being of same faith does not always transcend into harmonious spiritual relationships. I have dated outside of my race and found in some instances that I have had more similarities than differences based on shared experiences like educational background, various level of interests and open-mindedness.

The greater challenges typically come from the families who may differ in thought. When couples begin to unite, new traditions are normally formed because two people will bring their own traditions to the table. If there are cultural dietary differences, everyone bringing a shared dish can be a kind gesture.

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